Watch Me Grow



Watch Me Grow – 5 visit 3D/HD Ultrasound

Ideal dates for visits: 10 weeks, 15 weeks, 25 weeks, 29 weeks and at 33 weeks.

  • Gender Determination / Confirmation (upon request)
  • Listen to Baby’s Heartbeat
  • 5 prints each session
  • Digital Download with high resolution images for printing and e-mailing, each session
  • Digital Download of the ultrasound, each session
  • Your choice of any Heartbeat Bear or Heartbeat Buddy in stock ~ includes recording of your baby’s heartbeat captured during your ultrasound ($35 value) recorded at the first visit
  • Access to Sonostream Live! – LIVE Internet streaming of your session available – $12.95 (for those you invite that choose to view)